I provide simultaneous, consecutive and accompanying interpreting including chuchotage in the language combination of Czech, English and German. I know that every event and every client requires a slightly different approach. That's why I provide services tailored to your needs.

I also offer remote interpreting (e.g. via Interactio, KUDO, Webex, Zoom, Voiceboxer or Interprefy ).


The interpreter sits in the booth and interprets the speech at the same time with the speaker. This type of interpreting is mainly used for conferences, lectures or other events with large participation. Simultaneous interpreting is cognitively very demanding and is therefore usually done in pairs of two; I will be happy to recommend you an experienced colleague.


Consecutive interpreting is a mode of interpreting where the speaker delivers their speech in chunks (usually 2-8 minutes long) and the interpreter then reproduces it in another language. This type of interpreting is suitable for business meetings or smaller courses and seminars. For consecutive interpreting, I use professional interpreting notation, which allows me to accurately reproduce everything that is said.


This type of interpreting can be used in less formal meetings or during a formal dinner. It is also possible to request a whispered interpreting (chuchotage), where the interpreter simultaneously interprets in a whisper for one of the participants or a small group.


I offer translation services, specifically translations of texts from and into English and also from and into German. Where appropriate, I use the latest CAT (Computer-assisted translation) tools. I am also happy to provide you with express translations or proofreading by native speakers.

As a professional translator, I will not only ensure that your text is adequately and correctly translated, including accurate technical terminology, but I will also make sure that the translation reads well. Moreover, unlike online translation tools, I can deal with cross-cultural differences or puns

I provide translations of various types of documents (e.g. fiction, articles for the media, company documentation, contracts, official correspondence, websites, etc.). I specialize mainly in EU affairs, medicine and natural sciences (environment, sustainable development, biology), legal texts (especially contracts) and psychology.